Hydrothermal well sampling in Beppu (JP)

Here you can find a few images of the fieldwork conducted at the beginning of December in the region of Beppu (Japan).

Gas sampling performed by Dr. Kagoshima (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo) and Dr. Shibata (Institute for Geothermal Sciences, Kyoto University).

A short visit at Umi Jigoku (one of the Hells of Beppu).

Paper on the origin of methane-rich gases at West Pacific convergent plate boundary

Here we go with a new article on the origin of methane-rich gases:

Sano, Y., Kinoshita, N., Kagoshima, T., Takahata, N., Sakata, S., Toki, T., Kawagucci, S., Waseda, A., Lan, T., Wen, H., Chen, A., Lee, H., Yang, T. F., Zheng, G., Tomonaga, Y., Roulleau, E., & Pinti, D. L. (2017). Origin of methane-rich natural gas at the West Pacific convergent plate boundary. Sci. Rep., 7, 15646, doi:10.1038/s41598-017-15959-5.

Thanks to Prof. Sano and all the co-authors!