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Expedition on Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. Despite its central position in the Shiga Prefecture and its importance as a drinking water resource for the Kansai region, the noble-gas geochemistry of this inland water body has never been directly investigated.

On March 28th 2014 we collected water and sediment samples for noble-gas analysis form the deepest region of the lake basin. More pictures can be found under Expeditions.


Welcome party at AORI

On January 24th 2014 the Marine Analytical Chemistry Group organized a welcome party for the start of my research project at AORI. The main course: cheese fondue! I had also the chance to try a Japanese cheese fondue… Very interesting. It made me realize that the general taste preferences for cheese in Japan are different.

The event was also a good opportunity to celebrate Sano-san’s birthday (check the cake in the posted pictures).

Almost two weeks in Japan…

After a first week dedicated to all kind of administrative tasks (here I have to express my special thanks to Ishida-san who provided a great support in achieving all the formal tasks after my landing at Narita Airport), I could spend the second week doing some “real” work at AORI.

My office is located on the 7th floor and, at least for the moment, I am its only inhabitant. Coffee in not an issue.