Gas monitoring in Japan

At present we are installing an on-line gas monitoring system at an hydrothermal well in the city of Beppu (Oita Prefecture, Japan), along the Japan Median Tectonic Line. This project is performed within the frame of a scientific collaboration between the Institute of Geological Sciences of the University of Bern, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) (Dr. Kipfer), the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI) of The University of Tokyo (Dr. Sano), and the Institute for Geothermal Sciences of Kyoto University (Dr. Shibata).

The monitoring aims to provide a comprehensive dataset to infer any possible relation between gas geochemistry and seismic activity in the surrounding region. The measurements will last until the end of May 2018.

4 thoughts on “Gas monitoring in Japan”

  1. nice project!!!
    What is the price for this type of intrument?

    1. Hi Emilie,

      I hope we will get interesting results! 😉
      The instrument costs 50 kCHF. Please check the website of Matthias’s spin-off company at


      1. thanks.

        I would like to put this kind of intrument on ecuador volcanoes.



        1. Monitoring the Ecuador volcanoes sounds interesting!
          The only issue could be the availability of a power supply in remote regions. However, one could add a relay module and save energy when running on batteries. 😉

          Best regards,

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